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Access a Diverse Collection of Thousands of Food Items and Recipes

Menu managment

Why Use NutriCal's Database API

Comprehensive Food Data:

NutriCal's API offers access to a comprehensive collection of thousands of food items, ingredients, and recipes for your diet planner, meal planner app, or food planner needs. Powered by the USDA database and other official national, international, and branded databases, our extensive database ensures that you can provide your users with accurate and reliable nutrition data.

Nutrition and Allergen Information

Access real-time, detailed nutrition and allergen information. Our API enables you to deliver precise nutrient breakdowns, allergen warnings, and ingredient details, allowing your users to make informed dietary decisions.

Menu Managment
User-friendly interface

Allows you to design and customize menus, with a variety of designs and multiple languages. You can also generate QR codes for instant access to food nutrition information & download digital menus.

Manage Menu Compliance

Add necessary information about dietary restrictions, specify allergen alerts, and important ingredient details to maintain a compliant menu.

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Who Can Benefit from NutriCal?

Comprehensive solutions for meal plan companies, diet centers, and other health-focused food businesses

Restaurants, Cafes & Hotels

The Ultimate Solution for Food Businesses

Success Stories

I have been using NutriCal since their Inception and I have recommended them to many of my friends who are in the F&B business. What I like about NutriCal software is the ease to add recipes and meal information, accurate macros, a large database of food items, and how the software can instantly generate Nutrition labels in English and Arabic or both which is very useful for my business.

Ahmed Alhamadani
Founder & Managing Director Vshakes by Vitallea
Food Lab vs. Theoretical Analysis

Traditionally, obtaining nutrition facts involves a time-consuming and costly chemical analysis performed in a food lab.

NutriCal vs. Nutritionists: Efficient and Accurate

Nutritionists often manually calculate nutritional facts, which can be a time-consuming process for establishments seeking quick and reliable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

A free account grants you access to go several free features. The sign up for basic usage. Premium version of the free account grants simple.

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A free account grants you access to go several free features. The sign up for basic usage. Premium version of the free account grants simple.