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Utilizing nutritional analysis in your bakery can boost sales.By enhancing products with higher protein and fiber content, you increase their nutritional value and attract health-conscious customers. Parameters like calories, fat, sodium, and sugar percentages are key in nutritional analysis. Complying with dietary requirements also entices buyers to choose your bakery items over less nutritious options.

Pair menu labels with nutrition displays for informed choices. Include nutrition facts on packaging too. Boost sales of items like biscuits, cookies, and healthy snacks using strategies from nutrient-rich products: enrich recipes, enhance packaging, and optimize signage using NutriCal’s food labeling, recipe management software & bakery management system.

Nutrition facts labels are essential for your catering business in the GCC. They inform customers about calories, fat, sodium, and more, aiding dietary choices by meeting dietary requirements and complying with regulations.

Customized labels at events help guests make informed decisions, considering allergies and restrictions. Simplify label creation with our user-friendly templates. Empower your catering brand with NutriCal's advanced catering technology, complying with GCC regulations while offering customers vital dietary information.


Our Products

Food Labelling

Instantly create GCC & Saudi FDA compliant food labels in both English and Arabic.

Recipe Management & Analysis Software

Create compliant nutrition-based recipes, food labels, digital menus, and diet plans.

Meal Plan Management

Comprehensive solutions for meal plan companies, diet centres, and other health-focused food businesses

Menu Management

Improve your customer experience with our menu management solutions

Food & Nutrition API

Power Your App, Program, or Website with NutriCal's Extensive Food Database

Wondering about Menu Compliance Rules in KSA, UAE & UK?

How NutriCal Helped Over200 Businesses

Discover how countless food businesses have not only thrived but achieved their goals with our platform. NutriCal has equipped them with a competitive edge, streamlined operational efficiency, and ensured strict adherence to food safety regulations. Read our success stories to learn how NutriCal has transformed businesses like yours.

Food Lab vs. Theoretical Analysis

Traditionally, obtaining nutrition facts involves a time-consuming and costly chemical analysis performed in a food lab.

NutriCal vs. Nutritionists: Efficient and Accurate

Nutritionists often manually calculate nutritional facts, which can be a time-consuming process for establishments seeking quick and reliable information.

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A free account grants you access to go several free features. The sign up for basic usage. Premium version of the free account grants simple.